The refreshing tartness of elderberry has been paired with the woodsy sweet complexity of Palo Santo wood.


This flavor came about when someone gave Stef a stick of Palo Santo wood to burn (it is commonly used a smudge).  Stef smelled the unburned wood and thought 'I wonder how this could taste in my kombucha'- turns out pretty darn good!  We take a stick of Palo Santo wood and let it sit in our 5-gallon batches which allow the kombucha to absorb the character of the wood.  The Palo Santo wood comes from Peru and is only allowed to be harvested after the tree has died.  It has been used by indigenous people since ancient times.  This is perhaps our most unique flavor (and Stef's personal favorite).

Sacred Elder - Elderberry & Palo Santo wood (1 - 16 oz bottle)