Sacred Elder uses Palo Santo and elderberry for the ultimate immune boosting flavor. Palo Santo is a sacred tree that grows in Peru that has immune boosting benefits as well as anxiety/depression benefits. The combination of the oaky wood with the sweet elderberries gives this a merlot-like flavor. 

The name of this flavor was inspired by a fellow farmers market vendor who drove to Michigan to pick up 500 pounds of fresh blueberries. These sweet blueberries are combined with lavender to make a delightful and refreshing kombucha flavor

The name Storyteller comes from the fact that when rhubarb is growing in spring, it makes noises that are so significant there are recordings of it. We thought it seems like the rhubarb is telling it’s story. This flavor combines rhubarb and ginger.

Habanero and hibiscus combine to make this flavor a little sweet and a little spicy. The kick of the habanero hits your palate and is quickly balanced by the sweet hibiscus.

Poetry is a collaboration with Tippecanoe Herbs & Apothecary in Milwaukee, WI. The owner of Tippecanoe, Kyle, makes his own blends of tinctures, teas and spices. This flavor is his blend of Tulsi Chai. It is full of many wonderful herbs that give a full body flavor and leave you wanting more. For more info on Tippecanoe:

Label Artwork by Josh VandenAvond

Muse Brews offers a variety of additional flavors, some seasonal based on availability of ingredients, some experimental with an eye toward future brews, and some just whimsy!   Check in often to see what's in the kettle!